Bangle Watches

Jane Kahn Special Edition Bangle Watches

This range of Bangle Watches have a simple classic easy to read dial.
This watch was designed to be worn loosely like a bangle. but the strap can be made smaller as required
The ideal gift for women of all ages

New Classic Bangle Watch Collection 2012 Edition

Our latest designs for our Classic Bangle Watch Collection.

Voted The Best Bangle Watches Designs By Customers

We have short listed your favourite bangle Watch designs here.
The collection is a mixture of Retro 70, and 60's prints, flowers, animal desgn Bangle Watch.

Womens Retro Style  Bangle Watch Collection

The Retro look of the 1960's and 70's was the inspiration for this collection of Bangle Watches .
The perfect gift and design for women who like retro chic.

Classic Collection Classic Bangle Watches For Women

3rd generation Bangle Watch, now sporting a metal alloy case. This range was designed by us to give you an alternative style, feel and look. The matching dial and strap makes for a more co-ordinated fashion look.
A Watch for the fashion conscious woman

Digital Bangle Watches For The Girls

Bangle watches inspired by the colours an fashion themes of the 70's and 60's.
Find animal prints,stripes, zany, kitch and elegant designs by Jane Kahn.