Bangle Watches for Women
The bangle watch is one of those accessories so easily overlooked by women. One day your watch stops working and you need to buy another one. The first type that most people look at are the traditional watches that look the same as the one they had before. That means a watch, with a strap that will restrict your wrist and look just like the thousands of normal watches.

At Jane kahn's we say "Make Time Your Accessory" it's our trademark and tells you what we mean. We believe a watch should be colourful, easy to wear, and inexpensive enough to let you buy different watches for different seasons and fashion statements. The Jane Kahn watch is not supposed to just tell the time , it suppose to make time fun.

This is the design idea behind the Jane Kahn Bangle Watch. Our Bangle Watches are made to be worn loosely on the wrist, are easy to wear and can be adjusted to size. The Bangle Watch we manufacture are worn by women of all ages and we are sure you will find a colour or style to suit you or your friends.
Which Bangle Watch is for me?
Our Bangle Watch collections are designed to suit all ages, wether you are a trendy teenager looking for that cool retro look of the 60's and 70's, or maybe you just want something that goes with everything? is fun and inexpensive ? or is it a gift for your wife or girlfriend?
We have lots of different styles Bangle Watch to help you choose.
The Retro Collection Bangle Watch For the Fashion Conscious woman
We recommend Bangle Watches from the Retro Collection if funky and colourful designs are what you like. This collection has the added benefit of using a plastic watch case, so no more metal allergies to prevent you from buying a watch.
The Classic Collection Bangle Watch For Women
We call this Bangle Watch collection Classic because the flowers and animal designs are timeless.The dial matches the bangle and makes for a very pretty and elegant watch .
English garden flowers, tropical orchids, and animal prints make up this collection of Bangle Watches.The watch case is plain black or brushed metal to show the detail in the dial and watch face.
What Are Other Women and Customers Saying About Our Bangle Watch

" I love this watch, it' so funky and all my friends want one"

" I wear my bangle watch all the time, the black and white rose design goes with everything"

"My sister bought me a Jane Kahn bangle watch for my birthday and now my Mother wants one too."

"It's so difficult buying a present for women, but I got the perfect gift for my girlfriend, I gave her the pink orchid bangle watch and she was amazed."

Jane Kahn Bangle Watch Blog
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Bangle Watches are Fun
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Bangle Watches are Fun